Fern and Vern — the real estate duo.

I like other people’s children. I also like other people’s plants and gardens. I’m pretty good with kids. Plants, however, don’t enjoy my company.

Today I got to know two ferns rather well — we bonded over my trying to get them into decorative urns. At first they struggled but eventually they gave in.

Ferns are shade-loving and my balcony is one shady place. Ordinarily, the balcony doesn’t have any plants — it has an ashtray and that’s about it. But the condo will be on the market soon and a few large plants out there will make someone decide they must buy the place. Plants (and a some throw pillows) will sell the condo.

Fern and Vern (as I have named them) will need to convince people that there can be greenery and peacefulness in the middle of the city. The throw pillows just have to act natural.

  • Does anyone know how often Fern and Vern need refreshments?


  1. From SDFern.com:

    One of the MOST important considerations in plant care is watering. More plants die from overwatering than from any other cause. With ferns watering considerations are even more important.

    Most ferns live either growing on rocks or trees or in very shallow soil. As a result, most ferns require a loose rapidly draining mix which requires them to be watered more often. Potted plants need good drainage holes. As a rule, ferns like to be moist, not wet. With most ferns you should be careful not let them dry completely out.

  2. Thanks Kelly.
    Fern and Vern are pleasant company so I will try to listen to this advice.

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