Experimental Post: not to be repeated…

I spent the last two weekends away from home and so I had a lot to catch up on this weekend. (Not that I am complaining — both weekends were extremely fun.)

My goals for this weekend:

  1. Clean up my closet. It’s too early for the season switch-over, but I had a lot of things that needed go instead of being stored for next season. Status: my closet is much more streamlined, but I need a new suit. My pantsuit is a bit too big. I kept it (for now) just in case I need to go somewhere Chucks can’t take me.
  2. Take a look in my storage locker. Status: There’s (still) a lot of stuff there I don’t need (enough wire shelving for a small shop, for example) but I did identify a few things that can go. Now I just need to make a plan for their actual — as opposed to merely planned — exit.
  3. Do my laundry. Status: this seems to take me longer than most people. I know why, but I am set in my ways.
  4. Tidy up.
  5. Grocery shopping.
  6. Finish up my reading.

And with that, the most boring blog post of all time comes to a close. Perhaps writing about what I do with my time is an experiment I won’t continue. So don’t expect any posts about what I made for dinner. (Yeah, gazpacho.)

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