Don’t cry about my sad and boring life.

How come you never blog about x, y or z? I won’t get into what x, y and z are — suffice it to say, you won’t be reading about those fascinating topics any time soon.

Sure, I’ve spent some time reading blogs written by people determined to reveal their innermost feelings. Others seem to get some type of release by writing about their horrid workplaces.

My answer? I have no inner dialogue and my workplace is delightful, so there’s not much more to talk about beyond the inane things that pop into my head on a semi-regular basis.

Sure, I could start taking about my — gasp — personal life. But I don’t have any plans to over share anytime soon.

Truth is I have no personal life. This blog is pretty much my only contact with the outside world.

Sad, huh?

Don’t shed any tears for me, though. Just live your own lives to the fullest. That’s reward enough for me. That and a few moments of your time to read about pretty much nothing…

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