Do you have lunch plans?

Lunch is becoming increasingly challenging.

During the summer months — yes, this counts as summer where I spend my days — the cafeteria closes many of its stations. There isn’t enough traffic to make the full foodstuff presentation feasible. That makes perfect sense. I get it, but it does leave me trying to figure out what to eat every afternoon. I start worrying by about mid-morning.

No, this not heading into what I am making for myself at home to eat at work territory. I am happy to assemble dinner, but I prefer to buy my lunch. (Because I like throwing my money away and because I am lazy.)

I have a few options just steps away. Hot dogs, sausages, fries, burgers and Chinese food. Sure I like this stuff sometimes, but if I ate it all the time, I would grow bored and increasingly chubby. There’s a little Korean place a bit farther away, but I can’t eat that every day either.

So there really is only one solution to this problem. (No, not bringing my lunch, silly.) I am going to start going out for lunch. There are some nice restaurants a bit farther afield and I am going to go through my Rolodex (um, I mean contact list) and ask everyone I know out for lunch. That should carry me until September.

Mortgage? What mortgage?

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