can I wear boots yet?

Today is October 8.

Today it reached 32°C.

Today I finally put away my summer clothes as it’s supposed to get cooler this week.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain and I don’t care. It’s gonna be 19°C and I’ll be skipping towards the streetcar stop.

Things I love about fall:

  1. I don’t have to wear polo style shirts and khaki pants anymore. (I don’t especially enjoy the preppy look but it’s easy to look nice for work when you stick to a single fashion theme. In the summer my theme is admittedly boring.
  2. I can wear boots.
  3. I am not already hot and uncomfortable before I even set foot in the office.
  4. The streetcar is not a sauna of smelly people.
  5. Sweaters are flattering.
  6. Blazers can easily dress up a pair of jeans.
  7. Layering adds interest.

There is one look I’ll try avoid this fall. I really want to get a pair of tall boots to wear with some cropped pants — I enjoy this look on others. But I’m 5 feet tall and I fear this ensemble might make me appear a little elf-like. You know, I just might risk it. I look short no matter what I wear anyway, no?

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