boring me

I was looking at some job postings lately (I do this from time to time just to see what I might be missing in the marketplace of ideas) and I noticed that one posting (in the thrilling world of PR) called for the candidate to have an “upbeat personality”.

That struck me as a little odd. I like to work with the upbeat so it stands to reason the people at this unnamed company would as well. But it is not something I’ve ever written into a job posting. I guess upbeat would be a plus and not a deal-breaker for me.

Perhaps the person who quit (or perhaps was fired for being crabby) was a rather dour sort?

I better not even think about applying for that one … when I was interviewed for my current job, my manager mentioned (after being around my wacky self for a few weeks) that I seemed very no-nonsense (and I daresay a bit boring) when she interviewed me.

She was pleasantly surprised that I was a little more humorous than the (boring … and overwhelming talented— ed.) person she interviewed.

I had my interview persona and get-a-new-job suit on … so there you go.
You know, there’s not much of a chance that I could ever go on an interview and not be professional Christine — it would be weird and I’d be unemployed.

So the story ends this way … I think she was expecting me to be a bit less than thrilling in the workplace. But, of course, not only am I upbeat I’m also perhaps a little bit quirky.

Mind you, I’ve yet to see a job posting looking for the quirky — I would hate trying to fit in there. Too much competition.

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