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Guess what my bookclub picked last night?

Bait and Switch by Barbara Ehrenreich! I can’t wait to read about a grueling white-collar job search.

It was a tough vote but Ehrenreich won out. I don’t know if my previous blog posting had anything to do with the book making the selection list — maybe it was just karma.

Last night we talked about quite a few topics including
(paraphrasing J.) :

  • the implications of a marital relationship with a transgendered spouse;
  • racism in America and Canada;
  • why we love/hate the work of Michel Houllebecq; and
  • the launch of my new salon;

I don’t think I meant a hair salon but rather a conversational gathering. I don’t actually rememember talking about my new salon at all but there is wine consumed at these events. Not too much but I have a weak constitution.


  1. Hey – can you put a link up for Michel Houllebecq? I know I could google myself, but i’m feeling lazy today.

  2. “Houellebecq may be the only writer alive to have been accused of being a Stalinist and a Nazi, not to mention a sex maniac and a drunk. He is almost certainly the only writer to have fallen asleep while being interviewed on television. (The question was too long, he explained later.) His work has been described as racist, sexist, homophobic, reactionary, nihilistic, pornographic and repulsive, as well as moving, funny and prophetic. Three years ago, he was put on trial in Paris for inciting anti-Muslim hatred after he called Islam the world’s “most stupid religion” during an alcohol-laced interview with the French literary magazine Lire. Even those lovable Brazilians (“morons obsessed with soccer and Formula One”) have failed to escape his satirical pen. ” [LA WEEKLY]

    I can loan you the The Elementary Particles. Quite interesting or terrible … depends on what you like.

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