Bathroom envy…

I love my friends K and K’s new bathroom. I love the traditional black and white floor tiles. I love the blue mosaic band in the tub area. I love the sconces and the fixtures. I love the simple black framed mirror. I love the tub with jets.

Really, I love it all. It’s a beautiful new bathroom.

I spent a fair bit of time in there yesterday admiring it all. But not as much time as I could have — for some reason the magazines disappeared (they always had high quality reading materials). My guess is that it is just temporary. Luckily I had my Blackberry.


  1. That must be some bathroom as it also drew a rave review in my household via S.

  2. The magazines are on the floor on the left side of the vanity. In a white Ikea cardboard magazine holder. FYI.

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