Back to school fashion…

They’re everywhere now.

I’m surrounded by young people all trying to look good without looking like they’re trying. It does not help that I work very near the young people. Very near. In fact, sometimes they ask me questions that I answer happily (and usually correctly). I like to be helpful but all the while I wonder when did I get so old that I don’t recognize what constitutes fashion these days. I got confused after about 1992.

So this week I’ve witnessed:

  • A young woman with her hair up in a ponytail. On the back of her neck she had a tattoo of the word “Vampires” in a cursive font. She looked normal enough otherwise. Are the Vampires a gang?
  • Another young woman in low-rise short shorts and a stomach exposing tube top. And heels. Not a “day” look but that wasn’t the biggest faux pas. She forgot to wax her belly fuzz. Stubble is not a good look in that area. A longer top and she would’ve still be in “evening” wear but at least she would not have entered the realm of unkempt.
  • A young man in a suit jacket, shorts and flip-flops. I have no idea if this is in style but he looked silly. Maybe silly is in and I’m just really out of touch. This would not surprise me. For example, I got a few compliments this summer on the “acorns” tied on the ends of my deck shoe laces. My friend K. ― one the admirers ― asked me if I learned how to do that knot in Grade 13. In fact, I did learn the technique in the latter years of high school. For the record, K. recognized the style but noted that she was not a preppy in that era. Does it surprise readers to know I was? I sometimes fib and tell people I was a mod.

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