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My regular life has resumed. I’m back from Manhattan. I’m tired and my feet still hurt but it was fun. I used to think I wanted to live there but now I’m not so sure. But after further reflection, I’ve decided that I just can’t live in Midtown or lower— that’s a given. I don’t move that quickly and I need closet space. Plus, all the people everywhere are a bit hard to handle. But I love to visit — so I’ve determined that I most certainly can live on either the Upper West or East Sides. Either one. That I can handle. No problem.

Now I just have to sign up for a very high paying job in the thrilling world of NYC PR. (My email is accessible via this site. Resume available upon request.)

I’m glad to be home again but I can’t wait to return. I think I like NYC almost as much as Santa Fe. If  I were rich, I ‘d have homes in both places. I would still visit my old friends here sometimes though. They’d miss me.


  1. Hey Christine, glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. The only time I’ve been to New York, I found it too crowded, too busy, too many people. New York was busier at 4am then T.O at any time during the day! I couldn’t live in a place like that, the less noise, the better.

    Glad that your blog is once again updated, reading it always makes me smile.


  2. Thanks l. When I move to the UWS or UES you can come visit — it is much quieter near the park :-). Then we can all go for a drive to the Hamptons!

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