Are they happy?

I’ve been a little hard to deal with lately — I quit smoking, walk 4.8 kilometres (about 3 miles) everyday and eat a lot more fruit and vegetables than I thought possible.

Smell me and pass the kale!

In this personal journey towards self-actualization (I have also taken to speaking in a New Agey way) I have discovered a new personal truth — this new healthy living kinda sucks a little. Not a lot. A little. But enough to qualify as sucking.

Yeah, people who tell you otherwise are lying. Those green-tea-drinking, yoga-bending, meditating and most likely non-meat-eating people may all be pink and shiny inside but are they happy?

They say they are. Maybe they really are. They sure seem happy.

I don’t think I have joined their ranks yet. I am not any more happy than I ever was and I miss poutine, smokes and sitting on my ass.

At least I still have the booze.


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