any suggestions?

I need some new blogs to read. I continue to enjoy Barista Brat and Like It Is plus a few private blogs belonging to friends but I’m getting antsy and I need some new sites to add to my reading list. I’m open to suggestions about new sites that I might peruse inside the air-conditioned comfort of my home.

I’m not spending any more time outside than absolutely necessary. Getting to work in the Hades-like environment of the streetcar is about all I can take.

The heat makes me crazy. I’ve been in bad mood for days and it has nothing to do with anything (much) except that when I’m hot everything makes me annoyed.

Other people seem to cope. In fact, one one looney tune (he seemed quite normal and charming before this conversation) told me just last week that he loved this kind of weather. He’s a nice guy and all but now I feel I can never trust him…people who love heat scare me.

I know this post sounds oddly familiar….I do the damn heat post every summer…sometimes twice.

Maybe I should name my blog something like Chilly Bean Christine? Or is that too cutesy? I know I project a tough cynical exterior so cutesy just won’t work.


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