Anne Murray and what I love to have for dinner

Today I went out for drinks with my work book club. We meet once every six weeks or so to talk about books in a boardroom. It’s fun. Really.

Without getting into the complex organizational structure of my workplace, a lot of the members know each other as they work in the same broad unit. I work in the same field but am not part of their bigger team so I am a bit of a outsider.

This is a roundabout way of saying that I really don’t know (most of) them very well.

For example, my immediate co-workers all know that I am a huge Anne Murray superfan. (They think it’s weird but it’s no secret). They also probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I really like liver and onions and/or bacon.

So I got home tonight and I mentioned this because it just amused me, and frankly, I had nothing else to share — my day was busy but uneventful. Plus I had three drinks and I was a bit buzzed.

The response:

“So you basically talked about how your ideal evening would include liver and onions and Anne Murray…..that’s true but they’re gonna think you’re a bit of a nut.”


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