A little good news from Dr. Prada

Well today I got some good news from my Prada-wearing doctor. (He’s extremely stylish — not something I demand in a health care professional — but I do enjoy his outfits).

My blood pressure was very good today. He seemed pleased — I know I was.

I’m trying to eat better.

I’m eating breakfast and lunch everyday and I’m eating more fresh fruits and vegetables than I have in my adult life. I’m also avoiding processed foods and anything on an ingredient list that I can’t pronounce.

Red meat also does not agree with me so that’s not on my menu either. The only thing I really miss is coffee but Dr. Prada says I should try to reintroduce things that give me some trouble. Moderation is the key. I’ve also been avoiding martinis — alcohol is a no-no — but heck if I can get a cup of coffee down, is a dirty martini far behind?

No, I have not suddenly lost my mind. Nor can you, dear readers, expect this blog to turn into some vegan journal. But I’m finding that eating properly really helps with my acid reflux. It’s helping a lot and so I will continue.

And this slimming business is not so bad either. I went shopping this past weekend and the smallest size in the chubby lady section was too big.

My only worry is that my acid reflux will get a lot better and I will go back to my hard-eating ways.

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