A hotbed of excitement…who knew?

T. and I went away with K. this past weekend. We had a wonderful time. I had no idea Buffalo was such a hotbed of excitement. I was having so much fun that I tested the boundaries of my acid reflux at not one but two casinos. Note to self: I can’t drink numerous Caesars without paying the price. (They contain copious amounts of everything I am not allowed to ingest in one delicious glass).

But the thing is I’m willing to pay it (on layaway) as the suffering always seems so far away. Also, I picked up some very interesting cheese in an aerosol can at Target. It’s probably flammable but boy-oh-boy is it ever tasty.

A fun time had by all. I love spending time with K.

Easy Cheese (how is real cheese hard?)


  1. My mother would have a fit!? I had no idea Kraft even made such a thing, I love it!!!

  2. Stephanie, it is indeed very tasty. I restrained myself from reading the likely unpronounceable ingredients.

    Kelly, I think I would too. That and the beef jerky (also purchased) makes a very appealing high-sodium snack of delight.

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