a bit of fun…

I know: what’s best for me and perhaps for you.
I have: too much interest in footwear.
I wish: I had a donkey that pooped cash.
I hate: having get up early and be upbeat.
I miss: those close to me who are no longer here.
I fear: getting old and ill.
I hear: less than most people.
I search: for the remote and fun times.
I wonder: why things turned out the way they have.
I regret: many things but I try not to dwell.
I love: to take long baths and a special someone who does not enjoy baths as I do.
I ache: I don’t ache much, mostly I have pains.
I care: about being a good person who sees the fun in being bad sometimes.
I always: try to see the positive.
I am not: that easily amused.
I dance: in a 80s freestyle manner.
I sing: by myself, far, far away from human ears.
I cry: very rarely.
I do not always: express anger well or make the bed.
I write: everyday for pay and almost everyday for fun.
I win: if you win too.
I lose: I prefer not to lose.
I confuse: not-so-smart people.
I listen: to chatty people and my intuition.
I can usually be found: at home, work or play.
I am happy about: lots of things but I’d rather tell you why I’m annoyed.


  1. Christine – A Bit of Fun was great!
    Hope you are feeling better – call me when you feel like it.
    It is always great to see you.

    your pal Peter

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