Just a lunch.

Today I had lunch with my friend M. M. and I work at the same place but we don’t see each other very often. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time we saw each other.

At lunch, we got to talking about how we met. I recalled but he did not. It was a rather pivotal moment for me but a probably a regular work day for him. You see, we met for the first time at my second job interview over 10 years ago. He was doing my director a favour by giving me an HTML markup test. My boss needed a someone to figure out if I actually could do what I said since she’s not a web person. I could and I was hired.

No one knows to this day that I cheated. (Okay, I didn’t really cheat but every story needs some tension.)

Even after all these years, I remember that he was pleasant and kind (and that the test was pretty easy). He gave me a good feeling about joining the organization where I still chose to work. An interview is as much about getting to know the people you’ll work with and both my director and M. made me feel like I was making a good decision. I still think I did.

This lunch only happened because he called me for a work-related reason and we decided that we needed to have lunch to catch up.

I’m glad we did. I really should have lunch more often with people I haven’t seen for a while.

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