A skate and a hope

My doctor is a pretty smart guy (stylish too) and he thinks that I should exercise a lot more and that I should think about it carefully and find something that I will really enjoy. He can’t see me going to the gym and working out ― he thinks I would get bored quickly….intuitive and smart, that’s him. I would lose my mind at that Curves place.

So I’ve been thinking about what activities I might enjoy. Well, there are not that many that spring to mind but I did enjoy skating a lot when I was younger. And I already know that I can skate ― I don’t think one forgets that particular skill…

Lucky for me, I work near a place where I can skate during my lunch hour. And so earlier this week I bought a pair of skates. I’m ready to begin exercising.

skater smurf on ass

If this doesn’t pan out, I will take up brisk walking. That I’m sure I can do.

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