What a nice pair of tweed slacks can hide

I’ve been dressing up a bit more at work lately. I work in an office where, unless I have a meeting or an event, I can wear jeans. Not a jeans and sweatshirt combo coupled with running shoes, mind you. They need to be nice jeans paired with a nice top and/or jacket. But my everyday work wardrobe would not pass muster on Bay Street.

I actually do have a lot of business-like work garb — I buy it, I just rarely wear it. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have to go to an interview. I have a few suits just in case. Pointy shoes and boots, too. I even have a section of my sock drawer dedicated to hose.

So, I’ve been dressing up a bit. No reason really — I just feel like it.

I went to a meeting this week with a higher up and I dressed fairly conservatively — tweed slacks and a simple blouse. I also had on a necklace with a skull motif. It was noticed and — I think — admired. I said I bought it in Vegas (I did, a few years ago) and the reply was….”it’s a good thing you didn’t get a tattoo as well….”

Oh, what a nice pair of tweed slacks can hide.

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