I never write about public relations, do I?

I never write about public relations, do I? There are a lot of great PR blogs out there, and while I read quite a few, I haven’t attempted to thrill you — my limited and fickle reading audience — with my thoughts about the field.

No, I don’t shower you with my expertise on a daily basis. No doubt there’s enough going on the PR world to talk about regularly but I’m tired when I get home from my workday and I just don’t feel like doing any more professional communicating once I’m sitting on my chesterfield — even if the PR in question is on this hip new communications medium: the blog.

Yes, a blog. I am a PR person and I have a blog.

How innovative. In fact, I have been here at this URL since around the time NCSA Mosaic was on its last legs. (I just employed that reference to give you peeps a sense of my new media cred.)

Before blogs and Facebook what did PR folks obsess about? Aldus PageMaker?

….”ooooh did you hear that Darren over at xyz company is doing his newsletter in-house. He got a Apple Macintosh and a LaserWriter. We better get on this before we fall behind. Get me the head of the typesetting department. We’re ordering this new computer thing tomorrow.”

Are Facebook and blogs the new Apple Macintoshes (that seems like a misspelling but it isn’t) and LaserWriters? Sure they are.

Should we be worried? Probably not. Sure new things can be scary…

scared of a computer

….but we learned and adapted.

old computer ad

Maybe tomorrow I’ll write about some of the things we need to learn and a few of the things we should be afraid of.

Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll write about my new boots. Who knows? This is a wacky crazy new media blog where I make the rules.

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