chairs make me happy

About 6 years ago I snagged this chair at my local Goodwill. I had to fight a local dealer for it. I saw it first but he was moving in quickly. I’m not fast on my feet but somehow I got to it before he did.

before chair

It’s mid-century modern teak piece and I paid $15 for it. My friends own an upholstery shop and they fixed it up and added some new cushions. This is what it looks like now. I’ve been advised that if I wanted to sell it, I could get a fair bit of money — it’s in very good shape because no one is allowed to sit on it. (I’m kidding — people do sit on it when they come to visit and I try to look relaxed about it. But inside I’m filled with dread.)


Today I was in their shop an I saw a molded plywood chair seat in a corner. As I was admiring it my friend confirmed it was a definitely a 50s chair seat — and then he said I could have it.

I could have it!

Mind you, it has no legs and he warned me that it would probably be hard to find some. But I’m resourceful and I know I’ll come up with something. I enjoy a project.

No picture yet but I expect to have some before and after shots soon.


  1. I have never once been able to muster up the courage to sit in that chair at your house. I am too scared.

  2. Ditto. That’s the one problem with a truly elegant pad — you’re almost afraid to chill out in it.

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