Hearing aids are glamorous, damn it!

Not even the most starry-eyed fan expects Hollywood actresses to look glamorous all the time. But most would be surprised at the dramatic contrast between Jodie Foster off duty and done up to the nines.

Strolling unnoticed around Rome with a female companion, the 44-year-old double-Oscar-winning star wore a large and unflattering pair of spectacles.

And in her left ear was what appeared to be a flesh-coloured hearing aid – something never before photographed during her countless public appearances.
J Foster Hearing Aid

The glasses, however, are perhaps not the most flattering.

And someone should tell her about the new in-the-ear models (the kind I wear) — the paparazzi would not be able to snap those unless they were very very close to her ear. They cost a fortune (I know this all too well) but she can afford it.

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