little state of horrors

So, how was your holiday, Christine?

Connecticut has far too much flora and fauna. Far, far too much. This was not taken in that state but it could’ve been.

Here are just a few examples of the foliage situation.

flora and fauna attack

Visitors who travel to see our spectacular foliage are known as, “Leaf-Peepers.” While on your excursion do stop at country stores, orchards, local restaurants and shops. We have suggested some routes for you to drive. We also suggest that you try some backroads. Get a local map, and don’t worry about getting lost. You’ll always bump into a main road sooner or, hopefully, later.

I am not a “Leaf-Peeper” — too many leaves make me nervous. In most places I’ve been the foliage near the road has been cut back — it does not threaten to reach out and grab one’s vehicle like it does over there. It’s very disturbing and also perhaps dangerous.

The seaside towns are pretty — but pretty gets a bit painful after a few days. I need dirt, cement, sidewalks and (much more varied) shopping.

And to think this is just a few hours away from the most exciting place in the continental United States!

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