perhaps fast walking would be more accurate

I hurt my knee again today. I was running —well not running, perhaps fast walking would be more accurate — for the streetcar and I took a tumble. Got my pants dirty and landed on my bad knee. Ouch.

The pavement was slippery and I was not wearing a shoe with good traction.

(Mind you, no one at that busy downtown intersection stopped to ask me if I was okay but I did get up in a flash — embarrassment can make one move quite swiftly.)

But getting back to my story, I had feeling it was partly due to the shoe. It lacks a grippy sole and I am starting to think it lacks a lot more than that.

Later on at break, I was telling A. and S. the tale of my TTC-related tumble and A. suggested it was the shoe. In fact, he told me that these were the same shoes I was wearing the day I first hurt my knee. He was right! They were. And he also noted I seemed to be in more pain walking around when I’m wearing them. Hmmm….I think he’s right again — they feel quite comfortable but they must lack some critical support I require.

shoes of discomfort

These are the shoes (mine are brown but they are the same make and style).
Cute, aren’t they. Too bad they are the work of Satan.

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