The boot designing cabal hates me

My calves look normal to the naked eye. Shapely even. And if my feet were a size 7 they would not be considered — gasp — wide.

But they are.

You see, my feet are a size 5½ and not unusually chubby but they are not Cinderella slender either. So I need to buy my size in a wide width— not so easy — or a size bigger which gives me the room but alters the fit. That’s how I deal with shoes…

But boots. Oh, boots…

Those people who make boots also make me miserable. I want nothing more than a tall boot. I feel such a boot would complete so many of my outfits. But no. Try to find a size 5½ boot in a wide width/wide calf. You can’t. Or at least I can’t.

I guess the boot designing cabal thinks the dainty creatures with such deliciously petite feet must also have slender calves.

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