bookmark_borderUgly? Maybe, but ever so useful!

Everywhere I look there are people stomping around in salt-stained boots. Shoes, too — but some people just don’t dress for the weather and this post is not about them and their lack of planning or common sense.

Poor salt-stained boot lady. Her boots are a mess.

I take very good care of my footwear and I actually don’t have any salt stains. I give my boots a good vinegar rubdown nightly.


Boots look very nice, right?

But look at the heel! It’s a horrid mess. And no amount of vinegar treatment will fix that. Believe me, I’ve tried. And tried.

I know that I could wear proper winter boots. This has been suggested to me my many people, including my wise and patient loved one, who puts up with my fondness for footwear and my lack of interest in boots like these:

Cute. I agree. Very, very cute!

But I hate carrying my shoes around with me. And now that I walk about 4 km each day, it would be even more of a pain to lug even more stuff with me in my trek across the city.

But I found a solution!

You’re not serious? What the hell are those?

They are “overshoes“— that’s right, they fit OVER my stylish footwear of the day. Genius!

Needless to say, they are hard to find (wonder why?) but soon I will be the queen of protective —  if unfashionable — footwear.