My rules: Gravy — and all other delights — are to be enjoyed in moderation.

A few days ago a friend asked me if I was really as happy as I seemed.

I am — I think.

But not because was born this way — although I do think genetics have something to do with it — but rather becuase I choose to be happy.

I also like to tell people I care about that I am fond of them.

These two traits are related. We all know — especially as we grow older — that life is short. But I know it can be damn short.

Both my mother and my sister died too young. If all continues to go well, I won’t. My mother was only ten years older than I am now when she died — my sister didn’t live to see thirty. Yeah, that’s sad. It’s sad when anyone goes too soon.

But it is more sad — at least to me — to be here and to suffer — or worse, to make others suffer with you. Life is not always fun, and heaven knows I can be a bitch, but I’d rather be happy and share that happiness.

My 5 rules:

  1. Tell people you are fond of how you feel. Yeah, it’s weird but so what? Who doesn’t want to know you care about them.
  2. Pick a job that you enjoy. Chose to work with people you like — or at least can stand. If you are miserable, look for a new job.
  3. Be open to warm teasing — it goes both ways and it feels nice. If it doesn’t: stop.
  4. Wear what makes you happy. Pick a job that allows that. (Suits are needed sometimes and yeah I have a few but if I had to wear one everyday…see #2.)
  5. Gravy — and all other delights — are to be enjoyed in moderation.


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