I need gas for my Acadian — I gotta get a new job

I don’t usually write about my dreams but I had a strange one recently.

It was so all-consuming that I woke up worried that I needed to find a new summer job. It’s not summer — and I have been gainfully employed in the non-camp sector for a very long time — but it took a few minutes for this to sink in.

I dreamed that for some reason, I could not get my regular camp job — I applied too late or something — the reason was unclear. (I was camp counsellor all through high school and university but I never worried about getting rehired — I worked at the same camp right up until I got my first full-time job.)

The funny part is that the camp director was a colleague with whom I am very friendly — and she was very apologetic but could do nothing to help me. Yet I was not angry. Just sad. She seemed sad too.
We were both sad…it was very strange!

It probably means I should not have a Caesar too close to bedtime.


  1. Here’s some food for thought: dream books say dreams about losing status held at a previous point in life (having to write exams, having to go back to high school and complete another course, etc.) are about anxiety about ability or qualifications in the here and now.

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